Sunday, May 30, 2010

Whatever, Mom.

My Mom said, "Milly, stop eating that grass." Then she said (because she thinks I don't understand English), "Milly. No." She's so dumb sometimes.
I just laughed.
And laughed.
"Whatever, Mom."


  1. Hi, Milly!
    It is funny that our moms don't understand that we understand but we pretend we don't understand, right??
    Happy Sunday!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. milly you little munchkin brat--hehehehe. laughing at your mumsy. but you do look very cute laughing. :)


  3. Milly, next time tell her you will stop eating salad if she does ;o)
    Cute photos!

  4. Okay look, we need to explain something here. We eat grass all the time and Mum asked the vet and the vet said it was just fine. We eat the grass and we don't hurl or anything. Cooper loves the spring grass best, I really don't care, anything leafy appeals to me. The vet said that dogs may like the taste of grass but in any case, it is pretty much dog salad. Now unless your Mum is going to take you to a salad bar, we think she needs to let you mow the grass. Make sense? It does to us (hee hee)

  5. I told her and she said that she supposes I can eat it as long as I don't get sick... I just have lots of food allergies so she is a worry-wart about anything I eat. :) Thanks for telling us though, because now I can eat all the grass I want!

  6. Ummmm...are you sures we not related? You know how well I ingores my mum...hehehe!
    Our vet actually said doggies will eat grass lots of times when ther tummy IS upset.

  7. Milly,

    Not to worry. I eat grass all the time just cause I like salad. It is good when you have an upset tummy too. My Aunt Judy has what she calls sweet grass and I chow down whenever to go to her house.


  8. Yea, I totally know what you mean. My mom is always telling me the same thing, but I just pretend I can't hear. Teehee, teehee.