Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt!!

We had an Easter Egg Hunt today! I had a great time! Shelby didn't seem to get it... but I saw those eggs... and I smelled those DELICIOUS treats inside! I found them ALL! Mom hid six easter eggs and I found all six. Shelby did not really want to participate. She was busy chasing a squirrel and then she went in the house and Dad had to make her come outside to find an egg. By the time she got out there she walked right up to it, turned around and looked at Dad. She didn't even notice the egg. So, I found it, I grabbed it up. Dad tried to make me share but I wouldn't. So, Mom had to go get Shelby another treat. Here are some pics:

Here is one of the eggs I found :)
Here's me (Milly) finding an egg!
I found another one!
I was on a roll!!
Daddy had to help me open it.

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