Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mom and Her Camera

My Mom drives me NUTS! She's always following me around with that stupid camera and taking pictures! See what I mean? I've been taking modeling lessons from Puddles at we 3 doxies and think I'm doing very well! hahahaha

I think Milly must love to have her picture taken... she looks right
at the camera... silly sister. She should look away!
Not me! I rolled over and said "you can take a picture of my belly!"
The crazy woman even takes pictures of my "hands".
She just won't leave me alone. I'm just trying to rest and relax
in the sunshine.
Milly ruined this one... looking at the camera again!!
I got her to play along with me on this one. hahaha!
I think she forgot we had decided NOT to look at the camera!
Fine, Mom. If you'll get out of my face I'll look at you just one time.
ENOUGH already!!! I am not amused.

See my pain? She drives me nuts! hahaha


  1. That is the cutest post ever!! I LOVE the pics...Milly is even smiling!! :-D

  2. Milly you are so good at posing for pictures. You look very cute. But we must agree with Shelby. Our mom is always putting that camera in our face too! What up with that? And she doesn't even let us chew on it. We object!

    Flash, Alven and Dottie

  3. Haaaa!
    I am like Milly! Always posing for pictures but... some days I really don't like them... so I show my back to my mom!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. Your mom takes great pictures!! I especially like the one of you feet. :-)

  5. Hi Shelby,
    I know you don't like having your picture taken ALL the time but I must say that the pictures of your cute belly and "hands" are absolutely adorable! I love photos that are creatively done and I love dog bellys and "hands! Pssst...I am a new follower! Please come over to see all of my pet sitting pals and follow us!

  6. Hahaha...loooove it! Poor Milly needs to back and reads da directions. My mum always takes pics of my feets, hands, butt, head, you name it and hers will take it. Her gots about 200 pics to edit...whew!
    Shelby you are doing everything just most perfectly.

  7. Oh Puddles! She is so silly. Milly won't sit still long enough to read the directions. I keep trying to tell her! haha!

    Welcome, Petsitgal! We're glad to have you!