Friday, April 23, 2010

Millerson here...

Well, today Shelby is feeling a bit silly... so she's left the blog up to me! Tha Millerson. :) (That's what they call me, ya know... my name's Milly... but they call me Millerson. And MilMil. And Milly Mae. And Mil Gurl. And Mil Girl Plopper. And Sweetie Peetie... They make up tons of names for me. It's a bit confusing at times.)
Mom was in my face with the camera today. Don't I look thrilled? hahaha! No.
I finally told her she could kiss my rear end and walked off. :)
Here's Shelby sitting on Dad's legs/blanket.
She was being super crazy!
Look at her... silly. She's got her ears all funky and everything.
And they call me silly... hahaha! Shelby took the cake in silliness today.

So, I'm supposed to write a blog. I don't really know what to say. I guess I'll just remind you about our giveaway! It's really cool and I totally think you should enter!

Well, I'll be honest, the NFL draft is on and I am a Daddy's girl at heart... so I'm headed to watch the tv with Dad! :)
Have a weinderful weekend!


  1. Ha ha I don't know what it is about doxies that inspire a million nicknames. Dexter just got a new one from Daddy tonight- Jumpy Jasperson.

  2. hahaha they're the best for TONS of nicknames. I think they get a new one about once a week... and normally they rhyme with each other or have something similar. So, Milly= Millerson and Shelby=Woberson (because it's Shelby Cobra, which turns into Cobie Wobra, which turns into Wobe, which turns into Woberson. lol)

  3. Hi, Milly!
    yes... I have a lot of nicknames too! And many of them not very nice... hmmmm!
    Shelby sure looks comfy and relaxed in those pictures!
    Have a good night
    Kisses and hugs

  4. I gots Loooots of names too...mum's favorite is Demon Dog...and I just know whys (wink, wink). Oh and mum loooves da piktures of Shelby being crazy.

  5. Hello again. You are both too cute for words. Mommy loves all the different kinds of dachshunds but my sister Samantha was red like Milly.

    Thanks for wanting to be friends.


  6. Don't feel too bad about the nicknames... Pookie Tanookie Bears is heard often here for my snuggle bunnies. You and your sister are utterly adddddooorrable. Love the pictures. :) Hope you enjoyed your game!

    XoXo ~ Sarah