Friday, April 2, 2010

Fun in the Sun!

Boy! Today was GREAT! We played outside ALL day! The weather was awesome! Shelby was pretty nice to me today and is even letting me (Milly) post the blog for today! How cool is that?! Anyhow, we played and played and ran in and out of the house... mostly we stayed out though. We hung out with our Dad. Our Mom went shopping with Gma today and was gone almost all day. When she got home she planted some new plants but we didn't get to help because they were in the front yard. We can't go out there.
We had so much fun today. We even got to have dinner outside on the screened in porch. :) Our Dad is so cool! He brought it right out there to us. We didn't even have to ask. Here's a picture of us with our Dad. It's not really recent but that's ok.
We are also VERY excited about Sunday. Mom and Dad said the Easter Bunny is going to visit!! They said we won't see him though because we might chase him away. We are really excited to see what he leaves for us!
Also, it is exactly ONE WEEK until we turn THREE years old! THREE!! We are very excited for our birthday. I think Mom is planning something but I'm not sure what yet. I hope we get something DELICIOUS to eat! I love food!!


  1. Hi, Milly!
    Sounds like you had a pawesome day!
    I am sure the Easter Bunny will bring you two very nice things. Just let him leave them to you and not chase him, ok?
    Your birthday?? Party! Party!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. We had a great Easter egg hunt today. :) We hope the easter bunny comes tomorrow to fill up our baskets! We hope we have a party. We're not sure what's being planned. Maybe it's a surprise?