Monday, April 19, 2010

Stuck Inside... For a Good Reason!

Sometimes the grass just gets too tall. Does this happen to any of you? Well, our grass was getting too tall so our Dad had to cut it for us! He says if it weren't for all the weeds in the yard we wouldn't have anything... but, the weeds grow very quickly, so we have to cut the grass (weeds) alot! Our job is to help Mom pick up all of our toys and blanket out of the yard before Dad mows the grass. We missed one! Oops!! Dad was not very happy. He loves us though, so it's ok!
Here's our Dad cutting the grass :)
Dad is pointing out the "forgotten" toy to Mom... oops!
Dad is stopping the lawn mower to get the toy.
He throws the toy!
Poor, forgotten, almost ran-over toy :(


  1. What a cute post!! I can see them saying that, Maggie, but I guess I should respond to them, ha ha. Looks like you have a really good, Daddy, Milly & Shelby!! And that's great of you to help your Mommy like that, too!! I know our doggy (who lives at my parents's house) has tall grass a lot, but she is a tall doggy, and she knows she has to wait for my Daddy to come home & cut it for her!! :o)

  2. Well, that's ok for tall doggies... but us low riders need short grass... otherwise it smacks us in the face! hahaha!