Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Exciting Give Away!!!!

We are so EXCITED to bring you an exciting GIVEAWAY!!!!! Yay! We are owners of some pretty awesome collars made by hand with love and care by our Mom's friend Mrs. Linda. One lucky winner can be the newest owner of one of her very special handmade collars. It's great! I got a heart one with red backing because I am a girlie girl and because red is my color. Mom has our stuff split up like that- mine is red and Mil's is pink. I'm getting off topic. haha! Anyhow, The point is it's really cool and you definitely want to get one! So, of course there are some rules to follow and some things to do...

The Rules:
1) You've gotta be a follower of our blog (Sorry... but we won't consider you unless you are!)....1 entry
2) You should grab our button for your blog....2 entires
3) You can blog about this giveaway, linking our blog in your post...1 entry
4) Make a list of 5 of your favorite things... 2 entries
4) After you do all of this silly work, you should comment and tell us which of these steps you've completed...1 comment total please... and that'll count as 1 entry

That adds up to 7 possible entries/chances to win!

Here are OUR favorite things:
1. Laying out in the sun
2. Sleeping in late
3. Visiting people
4. Bossing around Milly
5. my Turtle (Mr. Turt MaGurt)

1. Tennis ball!
2. Daddy!
3. Playing keep away
4. belly rubs!!!
5. water straight out of the outside spicket

Some additional information: the collar is for a small dog. It is slightly adjustable, but is made for small dogs. We're happy to ship it to you and will provide information about shipping, etc through email to the winner. If you have any questions that you don't want to post on a comment, please email us at our email address listed on our sidebar! We try to check it twice a day.

The giveaway ends Thursday May 6th. We will select the winner on the evening of Friday May 7th (through a random selection). We will post the winner on Friday May 7th before midnight, our time.

Have a wonderful, weinerful weekend and we look forward to your entries!


  1. This is a pawesome giveaway!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. Furbulous dahlings. You've been bagged, tagged, buttoned on my blog and are stuck with me now. :)


  3. Those are most beautiful collars and they looks so good on ya'll. Great giveaway.

  4. Hello there! I actually did all of the steps, so please enter me, and please please visit my blog to check out my Dexter!

  5. YAY for a giveaway!!! :-D I know you're not including me, but I'm still here to show my support!! I have your button(s), and duh, I'm a follower ;o) I will blog about you in my next post for sure!! Love ya, girlie!! :-D Oh, you should send Milly and Shelby over to my blog...They can enter giveaways, too to double their chances to get something nice for their MOMMY!! :-D

  6. What a great giveaway! I'm a follower of your blog, as is my dog Klaus, and since you two are probably more interested in knowing 5 of his favorite things I will let you know what those are: 1. laying in the sun 2. sleeping under the covers 3. going on car rides 4. eating anything, but especially meat 5. spending an afternoon or evening sitting on my boy Phil's lap while he reads, plays video games, watches TV, etc., Klaus told me he was going to put a link to your blog on his blog at some point today, so I think that's worth 5 entries. :)