Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mom says...

Mom says that a long time ago there was just her and daddy. Then our doggy parents had us and then Mom and Daddy loved us so much they took us home with them... and so now there is Mom, Daddy, me (Shelby), and Milly. It's cool because there was two of them and two of us girls. So, now there are four of us. I have my Mama and Mil has her Daddy. (Not that we don't each love the other... but, just like people do sometimes, we tend to play favorites too!) I happen to be a Mama's girl at heart. I love being girlie. I love laying in the sun with my Mama. I love running up to her at night and digging at her blanket so we can cuddle together under the blanket in the big chair. I love my Mama. :)


  1. Oh girl I knows what you means. Brudder Albert is a mama's boy and well I just looooves everybuddy...however's, I do prefer to snuggle with mum too.
    Mum thinks ya'll are so stinkin' adorable

  2. Thanks! My Mom reads your blog to me and we laugh and laugh. We just love the way you talk! :)

  3. Hi, Shelby!
    I can see how much you love to be with your mom!
    I am the only furkid here so... I love to be with my mom and my grandparents too!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. You know exactly what their thinking; they're so loved and lucky!! :-D Great pics of them BTW on the side!! :-D