Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pretty Lazy Weekend

Well, we haven't posted anything since Friday because we haven't really done much. We just hung out at the house and in the yard yesterday and did pretty much the same thing today. We're really pretty lazy girls! :)
Well, we don't really like to blog without some sort of point, so we wanted to take the time to remind you of our giveaway!! Make sure you enter it! :)

Also, we thought we'd use this time to introduce you to our furry family.

Here's me (Shelby) and my Mama Missy.
Here's my other Mom with me, Mama Missy,
Daddy Sport, and uncle Bill Bailey (he's the fuzzy one).
Here's me and Milly with our cousin Izzy.
Me and Aunt Rose
My very sweet Aunt Lily


  1. We love lazy weekends! Do you love that you get to live with your Mama and your human Mom? That's pawesome! We also love your chair and a half.:)

    Teddy Bear

  2. Hi ladies. I love lazy weekends with my Mom and that's just what we did this weekend....nothing but nap and cuddle.

    I never knew my doggie M0ommy. You are so lucky Shelby to have 2 Moms!!

    Shelby, you are too cute sitting there looking out the window.I do the same thing so I can watch all the critters in the back yaed.


  3. Fun times...hanging out doing nuttin! Yo gots lots of doggies there. I don't remember my mommy but I know hers name is Honey.

  4. Well, I think I should have said this in my blog, but these other fur family members do not live with us. We are just the MilShelb in our house... but, my Mama Missy and Daddy Sport and Uncle Bill Baily live about 30 minutes away and whenever Granny and Grumpa (my person Dad's parents) go out of town they stay at our house. Also, my Aunt Rose and Aunt Lily live very close with my Gma and Gpa (my person Mom's parents) and my cousin Izzy lives with my Aunt Danielle (my person aunt, my person Mom's sister)... so, it's really just me and Mil most of the time... which is good because Milly is what Mom calls "territorial". :)

  5. Oh and Bear, Mom LOVES that chair! That is her prized possession. :) It's great for cuddling... we all 3 sit there most of the time (me, Mil, and Mom). Dad has to sit on the couch! haha!

  6. What a great family you have...Love your Christmas necklace Miss Shelby!! :-D

  7. Awww, you have such a very cute family. I see where you get your good looks from :)

    Flash, Alven and Dottie

  8. You have a big family!
    Sure is pawesome to spend time with all of them!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. k call me nuts but the first thing I noticed after the fantastic hoomom smile andthe pile of Dachsies was the ladybug socks! You are officially my hero. My first little one's entire decor was Ladybugs and she goes by Zoebug. :)

    Great photos and ya know .. lazy weekends are sometimes very nice. You come out of them maybe feeling like you should have done more but your mind is always refreshed and that's .. worth every second of lazy you can cram into a 2 day weekend. :)


  10. Lady bugs are great! When I lived at home with my parents (so, before college) my whole room was lady bugs! I loved it! If I ever have a two-legged kid (girl) I plan to do a lady bug themed room... I already have so much stuff! :)
    ~Maggie (MilShelb's Mom)